Quality indoor and outdoor signage is that finishing touch that gives the building the right functionality and leads all of its visitors to their destination. The process of creating the signage project is one of the most important phases to achieve this result. During this process, we collaborate closely with the client as well as the architects and interior designers. This ensures that we get the key information, that we combine with our long-term experience in the development of the project. While we thoroughly do our work, you can focus on yours. The signage project is necessary for a transparent choice of a signage provider and is of considerable help in the production of all needed elements.

Defining client’s wants and needs

During the discussion with the client, we discover and determine their wants and needs. We define the type of building the signage project is being prepared for and highlight any special features. Usually, the architect and or the interior designer is present during this discussion.

Analysis of floor plans and choice of positioning

Based on the gathered information and building floor plans, we conduct an analysis of all spaces including all the guided paths. After the analysis is conducted, we choose the positioning of all signage elements. If needed, the positioning is examined at the building itself.

Determining the dimensions, color schemes, and materials

The next step is determining the color scheme, material, and dimensions of the signage elements. It is desirable to collaborate with the architect and interior designer.

Determining the signage contents

In the process of determining the contents, we use the gathered information about spaces in which the signage will be positioned, used languages, and wants of the client.

Design of signage elements

To be able to appropriately graphically design signage elements, we need to take into account many different factors. These, besides the wishes of the client, are interior and corporate visual identity, if there is one. We need to consider the branding of individual areas and determine the typography, language, pictograms, etc.

Technical drawings

Our technical drawings are based on technical knowledge which is enhanced by our long-term experience in the field of production and installation of all types of signage elements. These technical drawings are in practice completely feasible and take into account all the needs of the building and budget.

Confirmation of contents/coordination with the client

The suggested contents are inspected by the client and given feedback to make changes if needed.

Bill of quantities

The final step is to create a bill of quantities of all needed signage elements required to acquire quotations from the producers for all signage elements.