If the signs are well placed and serve the user, the goal is achived.

Signage guides the user to the desired destination through various visual elements. If the signs are well placed and serve the user, the goal is achived. We always stress that well-designed signage adds value to a place. And our integrated one-stop-shop for effective signage adds value to your business. While we do our work professionally, you can devote yourself to yours.

Signs can be informative, examples of informative signs are various maps, plans and rules. Directional signs show the way to a destination. Marker signs are about marking a space. Safety markings such as fire signs, exit and warning signs and, last but not least, traffic signs should not be neglected.

Interior signage

We can offer you a complete service in the field of interior signage of space and buildings. We can produce custom-made door, wall, hanging, cantilever or freestanding signs.

For interior signage, we provide custom signage solutions for interior signage, as well as Spandex signage system. The Spandex signage system is an excellent choice for both personal and business use for those looking for durable, high-quality marking material that can stand the test of time. We use a wide range of technologies and materials to make them, including aluminium, stainless steel, glass, acrylic, dibond and many others.

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Exterior signage

Our extensive range of exterior building signage provides you with a wide range of the best solutions. We produce signs of different shapes and dimensions, unlit or lit, all according to the client's wishes. A wide variety of technologies and materials can be used, such as aluminium, stainless steel, glass, acrylic, dibond and many others.

As with interior signage, the role of signage at entrances and exits to direct people to specific areas is essential. It helps to create designated areas for different activities, indicates pedestrian flow and ensures compliance with safety regulations.

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Graphics on surfaces

Graphics on surfaces can add a fresh and contemporary look to a space with a well-thought-out graphic solution. We fit glass surfaces, mainly for safety and decorative reasons, but also all other surfaces. They are mainly equipped with foils, sandblasted or coloured or multicoloured prints of various graphics and photographs. Graphics can also be painted, which is particularly suitable for garages or rough walls.

Foiling is one of the most popular techniques used to apply graphics to surfaces. This process involves the use of a thin, flexible film that is applied to the surface using heat and pressure. The foils come in a variety of colours and finishes, including matt, gloss, metallic and holographic. Foiling is a great way to add a touch of elegance or glamour to furniture, walls or windows.

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Raised Letter/3D Signs

We often use stand-alone embossed signs, made from a variety of high-quality, modern materials. The letters are produced precisely and to the client's specifications and wishes.

Embossed signs or 3D signs are an effective way to improve the visual appeal and visibility of your business or brand. They are made of a variety of high-quality, modern materials that are resistant to different weather conditions and can be used for both interior and exterior signage.

Embossed lettering is produced using a special engraving technology that allows the production of embossed shapes and lettering on a variety of materials such as wood, glass, metal and plastic. This technique provides a unique and sophisticated look that is sure to catch the attention of your customers or business partners.

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One-stop shop

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The Oznaka team
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As a team, we are perfectly coordinated and each member contributes his or her knowledge and skills to create the best possible results. We strive for efficiency and quality in project delivery through mutual cooperation and support. We feel this cohesion and synergy in our team every day, which allows us to be even more efficient and effective in our work.

Work in the final phase and on the ground is one of the fundamental building blocks of a successfully completed project. We take the whole project from idea to execution, so you can focus on your business and save valuable time.


Why you should look for an expert help when your spaces are in need of signage?

Hiring an expert in the process of signage planning - signage systems inside or outside a building - is important in several respects. We recently received a message from an acquaintance of ours, Nina, who summarised her experience at a well-known Slovenian hotel:

"Hi Aleksander. Have you had any dealings with this hotel? Because I was at a business meeting with them today and I could hardly find the toilets, the management office, not to mention that I almost got lost in their car park... I have already written to them about my experience because a colleague of mine works there and recommended you. Please go into action. The bar in the hotel is great for meetings, great staff and the location is accessible, but I don't want to have to direct everyone I'm going to meet at every corner... Now I just understand when you tell me that you only notice the signs when they're not there."

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A good example
of user experience

A good example of a good user experience in a well-marked office building can relate to various aspects that affect user satisfaction. One of the most important aspects is that it is quick and easy to find the space you are looking for.

If the user experience is good, the office building is clearly marked with signage that makes it easy to navigate through the building. Clear, easy-to-read maps are available to make it easier to find rooms, lifts and other services in the building. There are also enough lifts and staircases to allow users to move around the building quickly and easily.

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